Wedding traditions in US


Weddings are always colorful events and some of the colors is brought by the wedding traditions which have been carried forward for many generations. The wedding traditions can be of different types and it all depends on the countries and their unique culture. In the US, the wedding tradition is completely different from other countries. If you are curious to know about the wedding tradition in the US, then you are at the right place. Here you would come to know about the best wedding tradition in the US you should be aware of!


Wedding proposals are a big wedding tradition in America. Unlike other cultures where both family members need to be present at the time of proposal, American wedding tradition is like you can propose wherever you want. Whether it's roaming around in another city, or sitting around in a shopping mall, most couples always get ready for the proposal without any second thought. In most cases, the family might be taken at the time of engagement but it is not necessary for everyone. It depends on the couple’s mood whether they want to take them or not. Any person in the US can marry after reaching 18 without their parent's consent and there will be no family interference in the decision.

The Bridal Bouquet

It is one of the most famous and oldest wedding traditions in the US in which bouquet flowers are used to show the emotions of the bride at the time of the wedding. It is still used in most of the wedding in the US and still has meaning for the couples. The bridal bouquet indicates the love of both groom and bride which helps in improving their relationship even more. Weddings vows

In American weddings, there is a list of vows that they share with their partner at the time of the ceremony. All the vows are written from the bride and groom heart directly and sometimes they can even follow a religious vow script. There are some vows which talk about their personal feelings like when the couples saw each other at first time or place, and share secrets. It is a time to know more about each other feelings.

Church Ceremony

In American church ceremonies, there can be a lot of creativity at the time of selecting a desired and perfect location. Nowadays, most American wedding church ceremonies are happening outside of the church. Most of the couples are moving to more outside venues and even their homes. Some younger generations forgo the church ceremony and just straight move to the wedding itself.

Getaway vehicle

After the completion of all the ceremonies, the newlyweds never go straight to the wedding venue in a simple car. This getaway vehicle is a great American tradition in which a luxurious car is decorated to show the newlywed’s new life. It is a great tradition in American where the focus is more on decorating the car and makes a wedding memorable and happy for everyone. Groom and bridesmaids The groom and bridesmaids are always the sister and brother and close friends of the groom and bride. In this wedding tradition, the groom will pick the perfect man at the wedding to show the close friendship they have. On the other hand, the bridge will do the same at the wedding. At the time of reception, it is common to have the best man and the bridesmaid give a perfect speech about the groom and bride. They love to share their experiences, stories, even funny moments that the bride and groom never heard before. It is both a moment of laughter and sharing of valuable experiences.

Wedding Reception

Most weddings in America provide their guests with a perfect reception by hiring a famous DJ or a live band. It is a great tradition for all the music lovers as guests can demand their songs and enjoy their day without any hassle. Americans always love to dance to all types of music and you should not surprised when you hear a mixture of rap and hip-hop songs at the time of reception for sure. It is also the perfect time for the families of the groom and bride to know each other more. At the time of reception, both groom and bride will welcome all their guests for coming to their wedding and even connect them on a personal level.

Americans Cuisines

You would be amazed by knowing that Americans at weddings love enjoying a variety of several cuisines. Depending on the state and city, you can expect to search several types of American cuisines at the time of weddings. The most famous choices are steak and delicious BBQ. These two great options are always found in American wedding traditions. All the guests at the wedding enjoy the American cuisines and appreciate the arrangements done by the couples. American cuisines play an important role in wedding traditions in the US as it represents the culture and history of the Americans. It is a historical tradition in America which has been followed by everybody for a very long time at the time of weddings.

Wedding Dance

At any wedding in the US, there is a special dance occasion for both groom and bride and their families. In the wedding tradition in the US, the first dance is always a slow dance that both newlyweds share with others. It always starts with slow music and features the favorite song of the couples. The favorite can also be by a famous artist or the song when the couple met with each other. It is a beautiful moment for the bride and groom which shows their love towards each other.

At last, you are aware of the wedding traditions in the US which are very unique from other countries cultures. The American weddings creativity is always changing as the younger generations are moving away from the traditional aspects of weddings and prefer designing their weddings with a more modern touch.