FAQ - Wedding Countdown App

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a wealth of information, related to Wedding Countdown and its features. If you cannot find an answer to your question, make sure to contact us at contact@weddingcountdown.app

What is the name of the application?

Wedding Countdown

Is this app free to download and use?

Yes. It is free.

Does the app provide Home screen widget?


What does the app do?

This is a countdown timer app and it allows you to change the look and feel of the countdown timer using built-in design tool and ready made themes.

Does the support bacground music?

Yes it support background music. You can choose any music stored in your device.

Does the app require Internet?

No, it does not require internet connection for basic use. But some features like online photo gallery and theme gallery require internet connection.

What are the permissions requested by the app?

Internet and Storage access.

Does the app contain Ads?

Yes. It contains Ads. You can remove it by paying 1$

Does the app have customize options?

Yes. You can customize color, font, text sizes, sticker, backgrounds, music using in-built design editor.

Does the app support different themes?

Yes. You can access to different ready made themes by upgrading to premium plan.

Is premium upgrade a one time payment or recurring payment??

One time payment. It is a life long plan.

Can i share the countdown to others?

Yes. User can share the countdown to others by generating an invite link. Through which users can download and imported the shared countdown.

Can i share it to Facebook?

Yes. You can share the invite link to download and import the countdown to Facebook.

Does the app support iOS/Apple devices?

No. Wedding Countdown is only available on Android.

What are the other features than countdown timer?

Invitation maker with design tool.