Top Wedding Trends in 2021


Of late, the trend of the wedding is continuously changing and people are adapting to the new style without any hassle. These wedding trends are getting appreciation by the wedding planner and also by the grooms and brides. There is no doubt while saying that the COVID-19 has changed the way we planned for our wedding and now the wedding is taking place in a different way which we never experienced before for sure. This year, we can experience that couples are making everything intentional, creating more personalized details, and focusing on the ceremony.

The wedding trends have been changed and couples are continuously following these trends and adapting to the new environment. If you are also planning for your wedding and are not aware of the top wedding trends in 2021, then you are at the right place. Here you would come to know about the top wedding trends you should be aware of.

Informal gatherings

One of the most top wedding trends is informal gatherings. There is no need of inviting all your wedding guests and you can stick to your closest and dearest ones for sure. It means couples are giving more importance to their nearest and closest ones rather than inviting all the unknown ones. It also helps in spend their budget more lavishly without compromising on the budget. You do not have to think about inviting all those persons with whom you hardly talk and be limited to the close ones only. In this year, people have realized that it is better to focus on the closed ones and celebrate the day with them.

Intimate Ceremonies

It is also one of the best wedding trends in 2021 where there will be a small number of guests rather than calling 100 guests. They can be informal or formal and even take a modern approach as per the overall needs. In this type of ceremony, there will be no budget per head which means wedding couples can plan for their honeymoon without any hassle. By calling or inviting the limited guests to your wedding, it will help in saving your hard-earned money so that you can think of some other things.

Natural Decor

Natural Decor is one of the most top wedding trends for 2021 and will remain to continue in the coming years as well. All the tables are lined with ceremony arches or foliage cascades showing greenery and leaves for wedding adornment. The best thing about this trend is that it can be incorporated in any style of wedding and you will appreciate adopting it for sure. Giving importance to nature is a better thing which makes couples follow it on a priority basis.

Eco Weddings

There are millions of people who prefer going for the Eco Weddings in 2021 and it is expected to grow in the future. Couples are taking the responsibility to go more eco-friendly which means they are cutting unnecessary waste and try to be more responsible as they can. Wedding venues are getting greener and more sustainable which makes the atmosphere greener than ever. The couple can also achieve this wedding trend by removing out all the plastic straws and motivating others to do the same as a wedding favor.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is getting famous and many couples are going for live streaming for capturing their memorable day. Having your wedding day captured as a movie is getting more famous and a perfect way to relive your day. There is no doubt while saying that there will be the rise of drones in the coming months or years which will be perfect for capturing the atmosphere of your memorable day and the beauty of your wedding venue from above. It is not much expensive which will make it a top trend for sure. With the help of live streaming, you can stream your wedding day by yourself instead of relying on photographers or videographers for sure. You do not have to pay anything for using a live streaming service and it will be more fast and secure. By going for the live streaming, all your friends and relatives who cannot attend the wedding also can be a part of your wedding day without any hassle. Live streaming is a major wedding trend in 2021 and most couples prefer going for it as per their overall needs.

High Technology

Technology has played an important role in the year 2021 and it will be continuing to do so in the coming years. Those days are gone when couples used to spend more money in choosing the location and venue for their location. From e-invites to wedding websites, technology is changing the way we plan for our wedding and also ensure all guests who cannot attend can be a part of the wedding day without any issues at all. As per the latest survey of 2021, it has been proved that couples will rely most on the technologies for celebrating their wedding day and it will be bigger than ever. The COVID-19 has changed the way we plan for our weddings and technology has helped the couples a lot while making arrangements for the wedding.

Concept Lighting

Concept lighting will be huge for 2021 as outdoor weddings will become the norm later on. Lighting will play an important role as celebrations will happen outside instead of inside. From dangling blubs and spotlights, it is all about shining your wedding venue. The couples are choosing the outside wedding where there will be a lot of space to move on and lighting will play an important role in making your wedding day perfect and beautiful for sure

At last, you are aware of the top wedding trends of 2021 which you should also follow while planning for your wedding. All the above-mentioned trends are continuously growing in the world and couples are obeying this trend for a better future. If you are also looking for some wedding trends, then you should follow all the mentioned trends right now!