Wedding planning checklist


Of late, it is not an easy task to get things ready for the wedding as you need to consider various important factors before heading towards the next steps for sure. There should be proper planning during the wedding and it should be executed properly to avoid any issues or embarrassment later on. It would be better for the couples to have a wedding planning checklist where everything relating to the wedding will be mentioned so that they will be able to save their valuable time and money for sure. A wedding planning checklist will ensure that your wedding will go without any hassle. A checklist will take care of everything relating to your wedding style and wedding theme. It would help you in making you more organized and all your work will be accomplished smoothly.

If you are also getting married in the coming days or months, then you would be worried about how to make a plan for the wedding effectively. If yes is your answer, here you would come to know about the wedding planning checklist you should be aware of!


Yes, it is very important to include the budget in your wedding planning checklist to avoid any financial issues later on. You should figure out how much cost it will take to get married by considering all the vital factors. In the US, wedding ceremonies may cost you a bit more and you should plan accordingly as per your budget. You need to decide the date and time, locality of all the wedding ceremonies. Make sure you are drafting a rough budget estimate so that a wedding planner can help you in overcoming all these obstacles for sure.


It will be better to research more about the photographers, videographers, caterers, decorators, and professional dress designers for your wedding. You should go through every positive and negative review of these designers before hiring them for your wedding. Make sure you are searching for the best performers or bands so that they will help in enlightening your guest. After researching more, you would be able to take a wise and better decision. You should prepare a list of all the performers or bands and then hire the one which attracts you the most.


It is vital to select a perfect and beautiful wedding venue for your wedding day. You should note that the right and mesmerizing location will add better taste to your marriage moments and wedding events. You should try to search the wedding venue as per your wedding style. Couples can also go to grand hotels or some resorts as per their overall needs. You should take care of all the policies details regarding alcohol, and carrying our rituals, and many more.

Photographers and E-cards

Photographers play an important role in making your wedding a memorable and enjoyable one for sure. Make sure you are focusing only on professional wedding photographers rather than going for the newest ones. You should note some of the wedding moments will vanish but your videos and album will be always staying with you for a long to remind you of your wedding day. You should book the videographers and photographers carefully. You need to check whether they have professional camera types of equipment and expertise in wedding photography. Also, you should focus on the invitation cards you are going to send to your relatives and friends. All the invitation cards should be personalized as per your overall requirements to make them look more decent and amazing.

Wedding Planner

In the US, a wedding planner always acts as a catalyst. Your hired wedding planner will guide you throughout the wedding so that you will never face any issues at all. He/she will take care of everything to make sure you are focusing more on your wedding day rather than thinking about the arrangements. A wedding planner will eliminate all the risks by helping you in making a better decision and negotiating with various other vendors. Thus, hiring a professional and experienced wedding planner is very vital and it should be added to your wedding planning checklist without any second thought.

Wedding decor theme

An innovative and unique wedding decor theme can help in bringing the surroundings alive. You should look out for such a wedding theme which can enhance your enjoyment by rendering an energetic and positive atmosphere so that whenever you think about the past it will look like your big day just a matter of few days.

Wedding rings

It would be great to finalize the engagement rings before you proceed further with other wedding-related activities. You should plan for your wedding rings always in advance so that you will get the best out of them. At the same time if you are planning to have any other jewelry, then you should focus on the same as well. These are very important things which you should never do in a fast manner and give more attention and focus to these things.

Finalize and confirm

After finalizing each and everything relating to your wedding, you need to confirm all those wedding things. Make sure you are confirming all the bookings and check that things are going as per your expected plan. You need to confirm all the vendors and send the final pre-wedding payment to all of them.

At last, you need to understand that a wedding checklist is very important and you should never ignore it under any circumstances. Your checklist will have the date and time of your appointment with your hairstylist or dress designer. If you are not making the checklist, then you may end up forgetting vital thing’s for sure. While making a checklist for guests, make sure you are keeping a tab of whom you are going to invite, how many you have contacted before, and many other things. It is the right time to plan every wedding moment with the help of a wedding planning checklist and it is sure to make your wedding enjoyable and memorable.