Wedding budget of the average US citizen


A wedding is a memorable and favorite day for everyone and it needs to be celebrated by taking into consideration all the vital factors. Many things need to be taken care of while preparing for the wedding and any negligence can cost a lot later on. If you are getting married in the coming years, then you would be thinking about the wedding dress, rings, guests, venues, cards, and many more. Before this, you need to focus on the budget which will help you in making your wedding memorable and perfect for sure. Make sure you are considering more in your budget so that will be able to process everything smoothly.

Budget is one of the important factors which every couple needs to consider at the time of planning for the wedding. Wedding budgets depend on several factors which include the number of guests, dishes, and various other expenses for sure. An average US citizen also spends his/her earning on the wedding day. There is a wedding budget for everyone and it needs to handle carefully to make the wedding day a memorable one and perfect one for sure. In the US, some couples give more importance to their wedding by buying all the expensive things and stuff. It depends on the couple’s budget as well which can make everything go smoothly.

The average amount paid by each individual for their wedding and related activities always depends on the budget and income. There will be several expenses which can happen at the time of wedding and it needs to be managed properly for sure. Before planning for a wedding, the first thing which comes in the mind is the wedding dress. A wedding dress can be costly as well as affordable and it all depends on the wedding budget of the average US citizen. It also depends on the couple's preferences whether they want to go to expensive places for their honeymoon or just an average place to spend time together.

The bulk budget of the wedding is always focused on the food and the place. Some couples prefer going to the garden for the ceremonies and the terrace is also attached for the reception space. The average wedding budget for US citizens can be $25,000 or even more and it depends on the couple's needs and wants for sure. The venue may cost around $7500, the wedding dress $500, the Invitation and paper goods cost $300 and food and drinks may cost $1,300. The photography may cost the couples less if they have any known professional photographer.

Most couples end up spending more than 20,000 for 170 guests and it includes everything from dress to the alcohol. It does not include the party, honeymoon, and various traveling expenses. Traveling expenses can also depend on hiring luxury cars or just using your cars. It can increase or decrease the wedding budget of the average US citizen in various aspects for sure. Most Americans love partying and clubbing at any event which makes their wedding budget even more than the limit.

There will be expenses for the party and honeymoon as well for the couples. If couples are focusing on expensive hotels or locations, then the wedding budget will be higher for sure. By choosing an affordable location, the budget can be under control for the couples. The places like Las Vegas, New York, Texas, and Miami can be famous places for couples but it also very expensive for couples. An average US citizen can look for any other decent places like Chicago and Tennessee where everything relating to the wedding will be under control for sure.

Here are some normal wedding budgets of average US citizen

  • One of the most important factors while deciding for a wedding is a dress for the groom and bride. Both bride and groom clothes cost will be around $1500 on average. It can be even more by considering the overall requirements of the couples for sure

  • A wedding dress costs about $1350 and it also depends on the market price

  • The groom can spend shy of $300 on his attire and the bride spends $1350 on makeup and hair. The costs also depend on the makeup artist and it can be even more as it depends on your needs.

  • Most money is always spent on Venue as it will cost around $12000. The wedding venue can be less expensive if the location is not a famous place. If the location is in the desired place and also famous one, then cost of wedding venue will increase for sure

  • Engagement and wedding rings can cost around 2000$ on average and also it depends on the couple's choices and preferences. The expensive rings will cost even more and most of the average US couples never go for the expensive rings.

  • Videographers and photographers will cost you around $2835 on average. If the couples are going for the professional and demanding photographers, then the wedding budget of the average US citizen can increase for sure

  • Some costs need to be taken care of while planning for a wedding budget for the couples. There will be demand for decorations and flowers which may cost you around $1500. For the catering, it will be $68 per person and $1400 for entertainment.

  • For the wedding cake, the cost will be around $550 and it depends on the type of cake you are going to order for your wedding. The price can be increase or decrease as per the demand.

  • The wedding planner will charge $800 and invitations will be $800

After all, it depends on the couple’s preferences and their choices towards the wedding. The wedding budget can be controlled by properly planning and better decision-making for the average US citizen. If you haven’t planned for your wedding budget yet, then it is the right time to think about it without any second thought.